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According to a study conducted by International Data Communications Canada for ITAC, roughly 20% of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) reported that they do not employ any information and communications technology (ICT) staff. IDC Canada believes almost 50% of Canadian SMEs have two or fewer full-time equivalent ICT staff on payroll. This inhibits the adoption of new technologies even though almost all SME senior managers say improving productivity is a "top business challenge", according to the study.
n-Fones offers straight solution: highly experienced staff is always here to serve your IT needs on cost efficient basis. On top of the full support of our  n-Fones VoIP System  we offer full network support, so you can leave all your internal IT work on us.
n-Fones can provide a range of network lifecycle services to ensure your success including planning, designing, implementing, operating and optimizing your network.

The lifecycle services approach views service and support as a comprehensive, proactive, and responsive process that considers business and technical requirements at each phase.
Services that provide assessment and testing of the current performance of the network and architecture planning for the future, as well as skill assessments. Consulting for network planning as a part of the business.
Services that satisfy conflicting design metrics: foresee and preempt potential network bottlenecks.
Services that ensure the design and deployment deliver the desired network value and functionality.
Software selection and output interpreter tools.
Services that provide peak performance, help to ensure that your network operate efficiently and benefit from the most up-to-date system and application software. Provide comprehensive monitoring, issue resolution, and day-to-day management of network devices.