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 Do I Really Need VoIP based telephone system?
The primary concern that our customers express is that they don’t want to get "stuck" with one vendor and paying premiums for extra features or expansion.
While with limited amount of features required, relatively all types of office phone system will probably work just fine. But the odds change as you move further with your business and want to add features like voicemail, call logging etc... And who wants to gamble... especially when success of your business and customer satisfaction are on the table.
We all learned that higher cost and number of features are a compromise with regular PBX.
One system can cost less, but provide limited number of lines and extensions.
While fully featured system could cost you a fortune and you just need only something particular it is offer.

Only with n-Fones — you can go from as little as one person company up to thousands users with no extra cost. And it does not matter if you small or big — you will have all features right from the start.

It’s also important to note that our solution is open source based, thus you are not locked by any particular vendor. You can even implement new features by yourself!
 Won’t old plain PBX Work Just Fine?
By design, regular PBX is a compromise intended to provide acceptable traits at affordable price. However, that compromised goal prevents them from being a master of your communication needs. Old systems were engineered to provide basic communication and are not capable to grow with business needs. Specially designed plain phone systems deliver much of the features you want but take unreasonable amount of money out of your business. n-Fones is engineered to master both worlds — unlimited capabilities at fraction of the cost. Why not have the best system for each need you’ll encounter?
 What If I already subscribed to VoIP service?
Perfect. This is excellent opportunity to push your VoIP service to the limit. With our solution you will be able seamlessly use PSTN lines, known for it’s reliability, with your VoIP service to save on long distance and to have more special lines (like 1-800 number for instance).
You will get the best from both worlds.
 Do I need to buy IP based phones for n-Fones?
Yes, we would recommend you to do so.
Although thanks to broad range of supported standards and open source architecture — you are not locked with particular vendor. Of course, you can use soft phone on your computer and you have plenty to choose from and it is free!
Last but not least — our system comes equipped with ATA adapters, so you can connect regular analog phone and still access most of the features we offer.
 What If I already have phone system?
Your existing phone system is certainly will serve you... but its advantage can be multiplied by adding VoIP into the play. Principal of design of your current phone system goes to old-times switchboard, with goal to connect one phone with another. And while this helps you get to the talking part, it does nothing to help you treat your customers more personal way.
Regular phone system is not the best for handling and keeping tracks of your clients’ relationship. And while starting new business with regular phone system is sufficient, only our system will open you boundaries to serve clients different.
 What If my current phone system already has voicemail and I do not need CRM?
Already having voicemail with phone system is certainly an advantage...but its advantage can be multiplied by adding VoIP and go beyond possibilities ever imagined. While current phone system with voicemail is a wise investment, think of expansion of your business, will that voicemail system able to keep up with your? All of the reasons that encouraged you to get voicemail are similarly applied to VoIP. You are really care about not to miss any customer call, so and our system. It will allow even record every call and be 100% certain what you client told you even if person who got the call is not available.
 Isn’t it better just use services provided by big phone companies?
While it’s great to have the luxury of outsourcing your phones to big names, it’s even better to have the freedom of movement that our open source system provides. Because it is difficult to accurately predict what direction your business will grow next. How do you know how fast your company will grow when market boom hits... maybe you will have to spread your operations to another country... or move to bigger office.
And who you are going to blame if your service will be disrupted?
 Aren’t VoIP systems expensive?
Our Open Source PBX system may be one of the most economical purchases you can make.
We have excellent prices on phones, conferencing systems, servers and unbeatable service level. Using our system you can save more on long distance bills. And comparing to other VoIP solutions — we are not locking you within one system — the choice is yours.