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"It’s inevitable and unavoidable," said Jeff Snyder, senior analyst at Gartner Inc. "It will happen to everyone."
By 2009, Gartner Dataquest, which is a division of Gartner Inc., predicts that 97% of all telephone systems will be pure IP or hybrids of traditional telephony with IP capabilities. If Gartner's prediction is true, and a bevy of experts say it is, then CIOs should not be asking if their companies should adopt VoIP, but when. More importantly, they should be planning how to make it happen on their terms.  Read more

Do not allow yourself to fall behind! n-Fones has a solution for you: Phone system that allows you to save thousands of dollars utilizing Internet Protocol (IP) the foundation for VoIP Telephony.

n-Fones provides full network support: installation and programming of digital voice and data networks to a whole host of private and public companies and institutions

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